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We inform our customers that every market operated by the Hall and Market Management will be closed on 23rd October and 1st November (except the Fehérvári Street Market Hall flower shops – 7.00 am-2.00 pm).

During some weekdays there are national days in the Central Market Hall in Budapest, when one of the countries in the world shows their products, culture, cuisine, and tourism. These cultural days in the Cental Market Hall are free to attend.

The upcoming National Days in 2017::

We are pleased to inform you that the basement of Central Market Hall has been renewed!
The primary goal of the program of improvement was the introduction of quality Hungarian products that can be found and bought there.
In the Avenue of Hungaricums you can also see the world famous scientific invention of Gabor Domokos and Peter Varkonyi, the Gömböc (Gomboc).


23 October 2017,
Gyöngyi's day

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Please take a look at the opening hours of our market halls for more information.


These are the "Hungaricums" that made our country famous.